Restaurant Staffing Guide

Running a restaurant requires good skills by good people. Food service is hard work as well as rewarding work. No matter which position a person in this profession is in, they need to be strong in people skills, have a cool temperament under pressure and have a service attitude. To be a general manager all those skills are necessary in a high measure and a two to four year degree. This can also be qualified with two to four years of experience.

The assistant manager should be a similar type of person with the same abundance in people skills. Having the degree or the years of experience is also a great plus. Being the second banana to the GM means that he or she will be carry much if not more of the responsibilities for making sure everything runs smoothly, there is plenty of supplies for the chefs to prepare the entrees and the books are balanced and showing a profit.

The food will taste great with line cooks that are compatible with others and work with the crew on duty efficiently and effectively. Most restaurants have line cooks with the exception of fast food joints. Depending on the level of service there may be several line cooks that handle portions of the kitchen such as frying, grilling, and chopping. This of course, is dependent on the scale and capacity of the establishment.

Although a Dishwasher may seem like an ‘unskilled’ member of the team, they are so very important. They must be happy to please and get the job done as the dishes must be clean and ready to be used for serving. Keeping the dishes spotless and clean will keep customers coming back. Nothing turns off customers like dirty glasses, forks, spoons or plates. The orderliness in the kitchen is also their responsibility as they must keep the areas of traffic in the kitchen picked up with the trash bagged up and removed to the garbage area outside of the busy kitchen. This keeps everyone in good spirits and thinking positively about doing their jobs.