Refrigeration for Restaurants

Refrigeration is a key function in any kitchen or professional food preparation service. It is all about freshness, health, well-being, sustenance, and great flavors. These elements of successful culinary endeavors will make or break a chef’s work. The cook should always have the necessary ingredients that are assured to be fresh and ready for preparation. Storage of these ingredients in a reliable commercial refrigeration device will keep the menu items in the best condition before they are prepared and made ready for serving.

Walk in freezers and refrigerators are useful in business but may not be necessary and not having them will eliminate the chances of employees getting locked in them accidentally or otherwise. There are many Reach-In commercial refrigerators that offer displayed orderly storage of all types of ingredients and prepared items for serving. Catering businesses will thrive with these types of refrigerators as they have often the need to store and categorize massive preparations for their clients and be able to get these preps out to the catering truck efficiently for an engagement. The Reach-In refrigerator can store medium to high volume quantities of both ingredients and finished platters finger foods. Institutional and heavy duty Reach-In refrigerators are also popular for this mode of culinary occupation.
Types of Reach-In Refrigerators:

  • Solid Door
  • Glass Door
  • Half Door
  • Solid Door Spec Line

Freezing is an essential part of any food service industry. Keeping a good supply of butter on hand for making ghee is essential. For restaurants that serve meat dishes, this is a very important part of the operation those ingredients must be kept very cold to avoid the consequences of lethal consequences of serving tainted dead flesh that is not cooked such as cold cuts.

Vegetarian restaurants must have freezers for juices and frozen ingredients that are used in preparing vegetable casseroles also called ‘subgee.’ Brussel sprouts, peas, and cauliflower can be purchased frozen and made part of many great subgees, as there are wonderful spices that enhance their flavors. Buying them in crates as fresh ingredients is another option, however, freezers would then be used if the cooks had assistants on hand that would do all the major chopping and cutting for large volume preparations where the ingredients are used immediately and only stored in cool refrigeration lockers until they are needed.