Food Preparation Equipment

Making great entrees for the gastronomic consumer is all about the devotion and love that goes into that process of planning, gathering the ingredients, cutting, slicing, and dicing, cooking and offering these wonderful savories, salads, and sweets to the Lord for those who are involved in a Govinda’s Vegetarian restaurant. That is the secret ingredient in all Govinda’s preparations. The chef is a loving servant of the Lord, also referred to as a brahmana. So the effort to please is the most important part of the effort. Aside from this the regular professional food preparation process in all about the tools of the trade.

Before offering the subgee with devotion, the fresh produce has to be sliced up. there are many great slicing devices available to make this process go smoothly and safely when making large quantities of subgee or fruit salads for large numbers of festival participants after the offerings are made. There are Fruit cutters and Vegetable cutter that will neatly chop many potatoes, carrots, beets, eggplants, tomatoes and more for a wonderful vegetable preparation. For that apple, raisin, banana fruit salad, there is that fruit cutter that will be indispensable.

Salads will always be popular at all fine restaurants. Making them is a time consuming endeavor so the best way to manage this important part of the menu is to have a lettuce dryer and spinner. Saving time and energy translates to saving money. Drying lettuce takes place with a gentle spin cycle that is necessary after the washing of the lettuce which is also essential. This will ensure crisp and fresh textures. The spinner will separate the water from the lettuce. There are electric and hand crank lettuce spinners which can be selected based on need and preference. The favorite brands are Rubbermaid, Delfield, Cambro, and Hobart to mention a few.

Blenders, Food Processors, and Mixers play a very important part in food preparation. Baking and juicing for many menus is what attracts business so having commercial grade mixing equipment will offer a important versatility for making batters, doughs, nectar drinks and smoothies for the many pleasing offerings that will be created by the chefs, Brahmanas or cooks.