Dinning Area Layout Ideas

What kind of ambiance would be most suitable for the target clientele? Much study and thought goes into this when a restaurant owner and manager make the plans for the capacity, the guests preferences, the type of cuisine. Research has proven that aesthetics are not the first priority. It is certainly very high on the list, however, consideration must be given to local regulations, durability of the furniture, the shape of the furniture, just to name a few. Simplicity or swank or somewhere in between, furniture style will be a key ingredient for attracting the clients that are needed for business to flourish.

Anchored seating is a favorite for clients, however, moveable chairs allow for more efficient flow of customers in and out. Booths are very comfortable, but clients often sit around for longer, engaging in comfortable conversation which can slow the traffic of customer in and out of the establishment, lowering revenue as a consequence. The concept of ‘floating tables’ which have moveable chairs and tables with square tables will allow for more seating capacity. Round tables are nice for engaging in conversation of large groups, however, they take up more space. Still, guest make note of certain venues for plans they have for their gatherings. This could be a plus, especially if these tables can be removed and changed out with square tables when necessary.

Versatility, durability, and mobility are key factors to consider in the selection of tables in the dining areas. Mobility and accessibility are part of regulatory requirements. Guests in wheelchairs must be considered and large people. Making plans for a minimum of 5% of the total seating will be recommended by the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM).

Some very versatile options include the two person table. The trend these days with many dining areas is to have two person tables that will avoid leaving empty seats that could have been used for others. These tables are also small enough to be put together with another table to form a long table for larger groups. Many studies have been made to determine the pros and cons of anchored seating versus portable seating. Mainly the movable seating helps to boost revenue and accommodate special needs guests. Booths offer seclusion and a place for people to have longer engagements and can make the venue popular for regular clients. A blend of the two types of tables can be a good way to profit from the pluses and minuses of each type of seating.