Commercial Ranges Buying Guide

The range or stove top is very important. Professionals choose gas ranges so temperature is quickly adjusted for various types of preparations. The ability to deep fry in oil or ghee requires a flame that can be turned off immediately when necessary. The gas range also enables various other types of cooking modes such as sauté, boil, grill, braise, simmer, bake and warm. This type of control and versatility is just not possible on an electric range.

Those who prefer electric ranges will point out that they prefer the cleaner cooking conditions of electricity and there are some commercial ranges that have a design that will enable quicker heating and cooling of the items being cooked, however, typically, electric ranges take more time to heat up and cool as compared to the split second change in temperature that a flame provides.

Restaurant ranges are completely designed for easy usage. They are also made with heavier elements such as a burner, adjustment knobs, and larger ovens. Heavy Duty ranges are for cooking for the masses. If the restaurant will be catering large groups regularly, then a heavy duty set up is a key component for a professional kitchen.

Typically, a heavy duty range will have thicker gauge steel or metal for the burners and the structure is welded together. These ranges are meant to be aligned to work along side of other cooking and restaurant equipment. The gas valve is mounted in the front to connect for easier connectivity with these other units. In contrast to restaurant size ranges, the burners have a high BTU output. They also have a higher price tag than the average restaurant range.

To cook the great dishes that are offered at a Govinda’s which features Indian preparations, Specialty Ranges are needed for large woks and deep frying unleavened deep-fried breads such as Puris (Poo-reels). These can be filled with large amounts of oil or ghee. Even better are the Stock Pot burners for deep frying dishes such as Kachoris and Bharat. These ranges can hold large amounts of cooking oil and there is much lower risk of spills. Woks filled with lots of cooking oil can be very dangerous to use if they are not carefully used while cooking as they can spill if they are moved for whatever reason.